Várlak szeretettel alkotó foglalkozásaimon!


Painting life with joy and love!

I feel so happy that you found your way here…

thanks for taking time out of your day to visit.

Hope your time here brings a little joy to your day!

I’m always seeking my own style in different mediums – the vibrant colours
are the connection in between – which comes from my deep soul.
I believe that in the gray world we live in the colours help to cheer up.

I’m an intuitive abstract painter working with acrylics on canvas.
I’m a floralist in aquarell on paper.
I’m an explorer working with oil on gessoboard.
I create abstract paintings inspired  by love and nature that bring beauty, warmth, and joy to your heart.

I believe beauty joy love is necessary for life.

I believe everybody is creative, just need a little help to remember . . .
Thank you so much for exploring with me.

xo Ildy