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 when your body is in harmony with your soul and spirit


holiday tuner

online workshop


painting course with the inspirational power of your spirit



EARRINGS and more . .

– we paint special heart warming paintings

– you may give them as a present to your loved ones

– wings, feathers, flying, angelic beings, defenders

– gentle tuning for your soul

  • join me for a cheerful, loose, intuitive creative process
  • creating by layers using our creative beeings from our heart
  • we are using easy creative technics
  • perfect for beginners and for experienced as well
  • we are joining the festive preparation
  • we fill our hearts with love and gratitude
  • I’m with you and I’ll help if you have any questions

This course running before Christmas

starts on the 1st of December

you can join on the earlybird price

choose the 30% off  VIP price

The course availabe on my website

You will be given access to a closed facebook group where I will answer all your questions related to the course.

I’m always available on messenger too, reply asap.


1, warm-up week 

monochrome printing – POSTCARD

painted – GIFT CARD




2, week 2 with acryl

acryl painting  – PRESENT FOR CHRISTMAS

3, week 3 with aquarelle

aquarell painting  – PRESENT FOR CHRISTMAS

4, BONUS lessons

No. 1. ‘Guardian Angel’ 5 acryl paintings on a roof tile  easy-peasy lemon squeeze

No. 2.  ‘Angels among us’  acryl painting on a roof tile

No. 3.  Earrings on birch  – easy-peasy

How do you know this course is for you?


  • you have learned to write, then you can draw, paint, but who can not write can paint it 🙂
  • in the depths of your heart you know that you can do it
  • you want to get out of the gray everyday life for a long time and bring some color to your everyday life
  • you also know that the hand-made, heart-made gift has a much greater value
  • you know whoever ever gets your handmade present will never give it away

What’s the risk of joining?


  • It’s dangerous because once you get to know how great feeling to create, you might not be able to stop it.
  • If you feel the taste of creation, you will wish for getting a brush in your hand.
  • you will create, relax enjoy time instead of fighting in the shops for presents in the rushing time

Why is online course good?


We need You

comfortably from your home

Anytime you have time

create with your own schedule

tips and trick from my studio

Make Christmas presents with my help


If you didn’t get answer to all your question?

The quickest way to reach me if you write me on Fb messenger

online workshop of Ildy Karsay

more about me on my website



USD 110


30% discounted

USD 77

Thank you for joining me!


Frequently Asked Questions:

What does it mean that online painting course?

The essence of online painting course is that the lessons are available through a closed online interface. You will be granted access to the closed area after you purchase and pay the course.

What is the content of the online lessons?

Part of the online course material consists of textual content illustrated with photos. The rest of the lesson are video lessons.

How long do I get access to the onlne lessons I purchased?

You will get access to the course for 1 year, exactly until 31 December 2019.

How long can I complete the course?

The angel’s wings course lasts for 3 weeks. Take half an hour on each lessons. You can also process the material at your own pace.

What is the different between an online course or a live course?

You can do at your own home with your own schedule. Just stop or download videos. You are not tied in time, but if you can finish it in three weeks before Xmas, you can paint beautiful handmade gifts for your friends and loved ones.

I'm totally beginner without any art experience. Can I sigh up?

Yes, you can definitely sign up for the course. No need any experience everything will be explained and demonstrated in the lessons. And you can always ask questions and get support in the Facebook group.

What should I do if I get stuck or have a question?

If you need any help, contact me on Facebook, messenger, or e-mail.

I'm not creative, so is the course good for me?

Yes, it is for you. On the one hand, just to forget that you are not creative! Everyone is creative, only there are some who has deeply hidden and we can help to released. You’re in the right place, it’s okay if you did not vreate lately, or just in your school last time. You will be in a loving team where you can get answers to all your questions. Your goal is to do it!

Is it okay for me if I join even if I'm an artist for many years?

I’m really happy if you join!

Do not have any material what can I do?

I share the list of materials used. You do not have to buy everything, use what you have and I give you help where to buy.

I don't have a facebook account. Do I need one om order to do the course?

You don’t necessarily need a Facebook account to follow the course. The course website is a dedicated website that you get access to after you sign up for the course. The Facebook group is optional.You can contact me via e-,mail as well. However, if you do want to join the Facebook group but don’t have a Facebook account (yet), you can also consider creating a Facebook account just for this course alone.

I'm a bit insecure about my art and not ready to shoe it to others. Can I participate without joining to Facebook?

Yes, you can definitely participate without joining the Facebook group. However, you can also join the Facebook without having to post your work if you don’t want to. The group is private and provides a safe environment for all participants of every level. It’s also a place where you can get support, ask questions, and meet new friends.

Do you have any question?

I’m happy to answer your questions, write to the facebook group or send a message in messengers or
“here”. As soon as I can answer immediately. Thank you for being here!

Benefits of art therapy:

I’ve felt and knew for a long time that creative activity is beneficial, it calms down, turns off, delights, fills, and gives happiness. This is what I experience every day when I create. Science has proven that any form of art, music, dance, fine arts, and therapeutic use in any part of the earth. Healthy people have a wonderful positive effect, and in patients with therapeutic results, enormous results are achieved. In the newspapers below and on the web pages I have read a number of articles that help depression sufferers, elderly people recover their lifestyle, and use good results on soldiers returning from front. Hyperactiv children are much happier. With art therapy, trauma can be solved without having to relive or talk about it again. For a few years now, we can get more and more adult colouring books, and although this is not art therapy, colors in the deepening of the work also help to get out of the ordinary, to relieve stress and tension. One word is more than one hundred and we experience the ‘flow’ feeling!

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