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10 Powerful self-love and self-acceptance and self-help mantra

Who do you spend most of your time with? With your partner or your best friend? With your fellow workers with your children? No, not with them, but with yourself. That is why the emphasis and the content of the dialogue you are doing is so important.

First example: If you do not succeed, you do not always have the best dialogue with youself. For example, what a stupid person I am, I did not understand. But you could say that, I’m smart. Next time I figure out how to solve it more carefully.

The first conversation is full of negative emotions that will affect our future. The second positively helps you to go the next time because it does not define man, but the event that is happening, that is, the value of man does not question only the opinion of the event that has happened. Not all the same.

We spend a lot of time with ourself and our words have the strength.

The second example: After a breakup, we forget that because we do not meet the expectations of another person does not mean that we are not valuable.

Self-loving mantras help us in both cases above to replace our negative emotional conversations with us to love ourself.

What is the mantra?

Here are my self-loving mantras:

  • I love myself. I am a wonderful, unique, unrepeatable spirit. There is no one like me.
  • I’m lovable. I deserve to be loved.
  • I deserve the good things.
  • I can choose positive thoughts. I realized that my thoughts had power and that I could choose the ideas that are uplifting and positive.
  • I allow my happiness to be seen by others. Happiness is overwhelmed by me. I can use my happiness to make others happy.
  • I am strong. I’m indefatigable and more courageous than I seem to be.
  • I become what I want. I work every day to become a man to whom I want to be.
  • My life is on the way perfectly. Every obstacle is okay. Whatever happens is the part of a major plan.
  • I am confident in my choices. I’m the creator of my own destiny.
  • I surround myself with loving people. I choose the people I’ve let into my life. I’m surrounded by people who love and accept me as I am.


Mantra can be anything what can you  positively push forward. For example, in my movie-graphic-decorator work I did for 15 years, when I got an unexpected unsolvable task (there were many challenges at that time) that I had no idea how to do it because I did not do it yet. Then I stopped for a moment and said to myself:

‘Do not worry, the previous job was like this and so far everything were super-finished and timely. This will be past moment very soon. ‘

So I’m sure you’re full of self-help mantras, you have not even thought of them with that eye so far, you can now make it consciously.

Choose one that is close to you, or look for something that fills you and try to put it into your own conversations with you. I hope you find something that will make your daily “non-lifelong” conversations into positive.

What do you think? Write your opinion I like to read it.


UI: After writing the above thoughts in 2017 jan 28, I wrote about what the World is writing about this theme. Many gurus, yoga page, theta healing site, self-help pages are writing a lot about the topic, much more informed and compiled than me. If you’re interested in the subject in more detail then look for it.

searching words: mantra, meditation, self-help, etc.