About me

I . .  am . .

artist – dreamer – explorer – mom

I paint…. I am inside of my paintings ….

Not important when I was born and where I live what I studied,
more important what you feel when you see my works.
I am in them.
This time it is no matter what others think of me, I found myself and I love the process.
If you want to feel what I found just come
I help you find yourself with the healing of ART.
Big hug all of you around the World


Ildy is an artist, painter, graphic designer, artificer, calligrapher, typographer, decorator,
parapsychologist, spiritual therapist and mother.
Educated at Art school in Budapest, working for movie networks as graphic designer for 15 years.
She is a Mom of 3 brilliant talented children, Gege a boy age 16, girls are Lucy age 11 and Panni 10.
They are very talented with their hands too. As She has 3 children always find some interesting
“craft” to do with them and with other children. She loves they evolving hands and heart.

She is making art since her childhood and love to create and help people in person
to find their inner voice.

She is an explorer, seeking for new mediums and materials.
Started painting in acryl, watercolour, silk. and oil.
Since 1993 she had numerous own exhibitions in Budapest.
Ildy’s paintings are in private collections worldwide.
Since she began painting seriously in 2008, her art have been featured in several
regional publications and exhibitions and artshows.


♦ I believe that everybody was born with creativity. I want to remind  you remember.

♦ I believe that no need to teach people to create, as everything is inside, just maybe need a little help to destroy their fear and show them that they has wings for fly.
The secret is: Way goes through love.

♦ According to the rush work of 15 years I always wanted to make paintings ready as soon as possible.
In the past years I learned to calm down and enjoy the process and leave my expectations of the results. This is what I use in healing therapy and what I would like to show others.

♦ My main goal to help people to find their way of life and the joy of life through art.