Join me to the 3 month long weekly inspirational creative program.

This is an online weekly insprirational program based on my hungarian natureart program.

It was so successful so I decided to renew, and open it for You in english in 4 parts.

I received very heartwarming welcome and lots of wonderful messages from those who are in my wonderful supporting tribe 🙂

I invite you to create with us


There are more than 150 video during the year

which means you will paint more than 150 paintings if you follow 🙂

This is the third session


13 lessons

running live


Invite you to fly with us!

It is live running from 1st of SEPTEMBER till 30th of NOVEMBER

dragonflies, abstract, chrysanthenum, grapes, Bees, movies, folk, aquarelle, poems, Geranium, Shells, Flowers of Berries, food, recepies, Soul, origami, Rose, finger, Heart,  Bamboo, Pumpkins , jelly, me-time, sacred,  Leaves, beauty, shell, loose, Poinsettia, love
it is all inside in this course.

I can’t wait to meet you inside!

If you are not already our sweet member,

you are welcome. Here you can join to the course:




My main goal is to give you lots of inspiration

and information about nature

but of course I show you how I create.



See the paintings we create during the 3 month, there are around 50 videos 🙂

There is nothing more happier moment in art life when you see the finished piece of your art and especially when it is a flower.

I can’t believe it. I’m making this online workshop in english, and I give you all of my love of nature.

English is my second language and thank you that you love me despite of my grammatical mistakes

I made each lesson with You, for You , the artist, in my heart, with my heart, no matter what level of artist you are or wish to become. Together we are going to go on an explorative journey, improving our art skills, experience, and our life. We will learn from each other.

Thank you to be here with me.

Nature is our best teacher with endless inspirations!

It is more than simply love the beauty of nature and paint it.
Just calm down and take your time to observe and learn from the nature.

I want to take you to a journey, share my experience, just look insde how I find inspiration.
Usually just has to listen around and notice the signs what is just comes.

When I was a little girl and spent my summer time at my great grandmothers house at lake Balaton, where the beauty of the flowers of their garden filled me with admiration.
After 40 years I still feel the smell of her flowers.
I remember vividly the colours of hydragenia.
There was an aquarelle painting in her room, was a cicada played on the violin under big leaves. I remember sitting in front of it and tried to draw it many times as a children.



As the nature renewing every year we are renewing every year too.

I think before we paint each subject, each flowers we have to discover them!

What will be in the 3 month long online program?


Every week we have:

O  I  write ‘.




O I try to go closer to your heart, every lesson will have a part what is



O There will be some useful things what you can use the flowers, you can find in




O I collect you wonderful photos and tons of it in my pinterest album


O and pictures of paintings from different medium


O I find it useful, if you have no time to paint, than just make some:

or some paperwork at


O After we know each other with the flower, they let you paint them and this is how to breath life into your painting.

O  The

is the part where will be the VIDEO lessons, how I paint the flower with the art supplies I use for that painting.

I hope you can follow easily. In some lesson will be loose and others will be accurate and precise.

I decided to add the older videos to each lesson as well.

I don’t like to waste time so I cut out the boring parts and sometimes put on the timelapse video too

It will be more than just an art for you.

I hope you will enjoy this wrokshop, as I much love I made it for YOU

weekly content

We need You

comfortably from your home

Anytime you have time

create with your own schedule

tips and trick from my studio

Create with my help with my help




In the warm-up lesson I write long about the aquarelle paint, brush, and paper.

Just use what you have or buy a cheap one for try or if you can, an artist type of paint set.

It is worth to buy artist quality because of the higher pigment content and it is last so long.

I usually buy them at art store or I prefer to buy on e-bay. In the USA every art stuff is much cheaper than in Europe especially in Hungary. Last time for Xmas present I ordered on e-bay the Sennelier brand from France. (gooood quality.) And the Paul Rubens brand on e-bay from China.  Don’t have to invest if you don’t want. 🙂

Mostly you will need:

  • 300gr aquarelle paper
  • aquarelle paints
  • brushes small and large (12,10,3,2  any you have)

I write about all the supplies in the first lesson

What do the wonderful members say?

I very much recommend your Nature Art online painting class.
Your Nature Art Spring course provided inspiration for my creative journey in several ways.
(1) It gave me non-threatening weekly practice with watercolor which led to lots of experimenting and growth.
(2) It led me to be closer to the joy and beauty of nature which fed my soul.
(3) It nurtured my love of learning and sense of kinship with other living things through lovingly collected background information on each subject.
As the seasons came and went in 2019, I painted subjects for each season and by year’s end, was painting every day and branching out to paint on my own in 2020.
I hope others discover the jewel that your Nature Art courses are. 
                                                                                                     With love from New York, Cynthia



What do camp participants say?

“Én minden évben részt veszek a táborokban. Szeretek a barátaimmal együtt festegetni és bütykölni. Sokat nevetünk és nagyon várom idén is” “I attend to this camps every year. I love to paint and play with my friends. We laugh a lot and look forward to this year too”


“Legközelebb is szeretnék ilyen tábort. Nagyon klassz itt a barkácsolás, a festegetés és a kaja is nagyon finom.” “Next time I’d like to have such a camp too. It’s very cool here for DIY, painting and food is very delicious.”


“Én már voltam tavaly és tavaly előtt a kínai kreatív táborban és tavaly Balatonon is. Minden évben más klassz dolgokat tudok kipróbálni, Ildy mindig segít, hogy ne adjam fel ha nem megy. Ha új gyerekek voltak és én már megrajzoltam előző évben a színkört addig nekem más feladatokat adott. Szeretek ide jönni.” “I’ve been to the ‘Chinese-creative’ camp last year and year before and last year in the camp at the Lake Balaton. I love try interesting cool things every year. Ildy always helps me not to give up if I’m stuck. If there were new kids and I had already drawn an exercise in the previous year, she gave me new tasks, never the same. I love coming here. “


“Én legjobban a balatoni tábort szeretem, ott rajzolunk hajókat a kikötőben és fürdünk a Balatonban. Festeni is nagyon szeretek. A legjobb amikor a barátaim is velem vannak és új barátokat is szerezhetek.” “I like the Balaton camp best, we draw boats in the harbor and bathe in the lake. I also like painting. My best friends are with me and I can make new friends.”


“Azért szeretek itt lenni mert törődnek velem, olyan mintha lenne egy másik családom.” “I like being here because they care about me, as if it is my another family.”




Here you can find my aquarelle paintings!

Frequently Asked Questions:

What does online painting course mean?

The essence of online painting course is that the lessons are available through a closed online interface. You will be granted access to the closed area after you purchase and pay the course.

What is the content of the online lessons?

Part of the online course material consists of textual content illustrated with photos. The rest of the lesson are video lessons.

How long do I get access to the onlne lessons I purchased?

You will get access to the course until this business exist! Hopefully lifelong 🙂

How long can I complete the course?

The Natureart Spring session course lasts for 3 months.  All the lessons has reading parts with lots of background information you may enjoy and video parts sometimes one sometimes even 5 videos. Some lessons are short with easy and loose videos some long amd accurate. Spent a half an hour or you can spend many more on each lessons. You can return to any lesson any time.

What is the different between an online course or a live course?

You can do at your own home with your own schedule. Just stop or download videos. You are not tied in time.

I'm totally beginner without any art experience. Can I sigh up?

Yes, you can definitely sign up for the course. No need any experience everything will be explained and demonstrated in the lessons. And you can always ask questions and get support in messenger or e-mail or in the Facebook group.

What should I do if I get stuck or have a question?

If you need any help, contact me on Facebook, messenger, or e-mail. (

I'm not creative, so is the course good for me?

Yes, it is for you. On the one hand, just to forget that you are not creative! Everyone is creative, only there are some who has deeply hidden and we can help to released. You’re in the right place, it’s okay if you did not create lately, or just in your school last time. You will be in a loving team where you can get answers to all your questions. Your goal is to do it!

Is it okay for me if I join even if I'm an artist for many years?

I’m really happy if you join!

Do not have any material what can I do?

I share the list of materials used. You do not have to buy everything, use what you have but I give you help where to buy.

I don't have a facebook account. Do I need one om order to do the course?

You don’t necessarily need a Facebook account to follow the course. The course website is a dedicated website that you get access to after you sign up for the course. The Facebook group is optional.You can contact me via e-,mail as well. However, if you do want to join the Facebook group but don’t have a Facebook account (yet), you can also consider creating a Facebook account just for this course alone.

I'm a bit insecure about my art and not ready to shoe it to others. Can I participate without joining to Facebook?

Yes, you can definitely participate without joining the Facebook group. However, you can also join the Facebook without having to post your work if you don’t want to. The group is private and provides a safe environment for all participants of every level. It’s also a place where you can get support, ask questions, and meet new friends.

Can I get a refund after purchising this course?

I’m pretty positive you are going to LOVE my inspirational seasonal course. Why else would I do it? To put your mind completely at ease, this course comes with a 100% money back guarantee. Ask for a refund within 7 days of the course opening before the second lesson starts and I’ll happily give you 100% of your money back.

Try it on, mix some color, get inspired, feel some JOY, runaway to the NATURE…..all risk free!

If you take my workshop ‘self-paced’ which means you get all access information via mail for the lessons immediately.This means that once you paid, all the lessons are available, there are no refunds/exchange, no exceptions.

I want you to be satisfied and spend happy time with me. If you have any problem please contact me immediately. I’m here to help.

Do you have any question?

I’m happy to answer your questions, write to the facebook group or send a message in messengers or “here”. As soon as I can answer immediately. Thank you for being here!




1, There is a closed FACEBOOK page where you can get answers to your question.

2, You can PM me on messenger: Ildiko Karsay

3, Or send me an e-mail:, or,

Effects of art therapy:

I feel and know for a long time that creative activity is beneficial, soothes, turns off, delights, adds happiness. I experience this every day I create. Science proves that any form of art, music, dance, fine art, is useful as therapy in any part of the Earth. It also has a positive effect on healthy people, and achieves enormous results in patients with therapeutic effects. In the newspapers and websites below, I read a number of articles that help people suffering from depression, elderly people regain their vitality, and apply good results to soldiers returning home from the front. Hyperactive children are also much happier. With art therapy, trauma can be solved by not having to relive or talk about it again. A couple of years ago, more and more adult colorings can be obtained, and although this is not art therapy, the colors in the workout also help to get out of everyday life, to relieve stress and tension. The most important that we create and experience the ‘flow’ feeling!

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