Painting life with joy and love!

I feel so happy that you found your way here…

thanks for taking time out of your day to visit.

Hope your time here brings a little joy to your day!

I’m always seeking my own style in different mediums – the vibrant colours
are the connection in between – which comes from my deep soul.
I believe that in the gray world we live in the colours help to cheer up.

I’m an intuitive abstract painter working with acrylics on canvas.
I’m a floralist in aquarell on paper.
I’m an explorer working with oil on gessoboard.
I create abstract paintings inspired  by love and nature that bring beauty, warmth, and joy to your heart.

I believe beauty joy love is necessary for life.

I believe everybody is creative, just need a little help to remember . . .
Thank you so much for exploring with me.

xo Ildy

Ildikó Karsay

I . .  am . .

artist – dreamer – explorer – mom

I paint…. I am inside of my paintings ….

Not important when I was born and where I live what I studied,
more important what you feel when you see my works.
I am in them.
This time it is no matter what others think of me, I found myself and I love the process.
If you want to feel what I found just come
I help you find yourself with the healing of ART.
Big hug all of you around the World


Ildy is an artist, painter, graphic designer, artificer, calligrapher, typographer, decorator,
parapsychologist, spiritual therapist and mother.
Working for movie networks as graphic designer for 15 years.
She is a Mom of 3 brilliant talented teenagers.
They are very talented with their hands too. As She has 3 children always find some interesting
“craft” to do with them and with other children. She loves they evolving hands and heart.

She is making art since her childhood and love to create and help people in person
to find their inner voice.

She is an explorer, seeking for new mediums and materials.
Started painting in acryl, watercolour, silk. and oil.
Since 1993 she had numerous own exhibitions in galleries, art faires and schools.
Ildy’s paintings are in private collections worldwide.
You can find her paintings in Germany, Australia, USA, Japan, Slovakia and Norway.
Since she began painting seriously in 2008, her art have been featured in several
regional publications and exhibitions and artshows.
In summers she hold art camps for children and private sessions for adults.
In 2017 she started a yearlong online workshop inspired by nature. Since 2019 she is online with her Natureart workshops to inspire and entertain others and bring joy to everyday life.


loyal followers


years of experience

A creed we must remind ourselves of every day:

1 I create out of abundance and joy.
2 I give myself plenty of time to learn.
3 No mistake or bad just great learning opportunities.
4 I celebrate the development of my own creations and I never resemble others.
5 I create for fun and I don’t care about the opinions of others.
6 I am a precious human being. My abilities are not equal to my value.
7 I am free to create without expectations.
8 I focus on creative travel, not the end result.
9 I try to let go of the pursuit of perfection and allow myself
to make the creative process as it is.
10 I am in love. I `m brave. And I’m as good as I am.
…… .. it is it ……

I paint, I create because I love the feeling when I do it. It’s not that extraordinary because I think everyone can do it. You have to start and enjoy. I like to try and experiment with different materials and techniques. There are children who are called prodigy, though the miracle is that their family can provide them with space and materials to create. If you have children, let them near the paint..

I don’t teach to paint or create I help people connect with their creative selves. I help them let go of their fears and insecurities. I help to connect with nature, as I also like to find inspiration in nature.

I believe everyone is CREATIVE. I believe there is no mistake, everyone is as perfect as they are. I believe that it is not the end result that matters, but the road. I believe that anyone can create wonderful things, not be taught but reminded of how to be free and liberated.