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This course is about how to make beautiful batik paintings.

Step-by step videos helps you to understand the interesting as I call, ‘up-side-down’ creative creation process.

I will guide you to the wonderful World of miracle and you can understand the thousand year old technik easily.

This is not a conventional well known t-shirt rolling technik, when the tied cloth is dipped into the paint and get circular patterns.

Here, special paintings are born.

What materials do you need?

  • paraffin
  • paint
  • clothes
  • brush
  • linen fabric
  • hot plate iron
  • many many newspapers
  • small color theory
  • patience
  • large doses of creativity
  • airy spaced room, because more pleasant to paint in outdoors
  • clothes you wear what you don’t mind to be dirty

Who is it for?

The paraffin is hot, so if you love to work with your children be careful with the hot!

According to my experiences an  8 years old child has been sufficiently serious to prevent exposure incident.

MY girls was 6 when they created beautiful paintings.

What is the impact?

  • you learn to use your imagination
  • off you from everyday routine
  • inhibitions disappear fears
  • teach you patience and thinking forward
  • common togetherness, beautiful memories

If you give any child the opportunity it can trive.

If you give yourself an opportunity as adults can relive what it was like to be a child when you created from your heart.

Warm welcome just join to my e-course.