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What “fearless abstrakt” painting is?

In one side it is a philosophie other side is technic.

The philosophy is simple: to develop the process of creating the idea.

You may wonder: ‘You mean, you do not have to be my idea before ‘

Exactly, you do not need to be any idea contrary to popular opinion before starting to paint. The creation process will evolve with the outcome.

What does this mean exactly?

I have been a creating from my childhood and seriously in the last 10 years, I see that ,

as the years passes, most of the artists I met just fought with their fears:

  • Fear of the blank canvas
  • Fear that the idea is not good enough
  • Fear not only that it has also created by other similar artist, but even more that it has been a lot better
  • Fear of not being able to create the shape or form we envisioned in his mind because of technical deficiencies
  • Fear that the creation is beeing criticized
  • Fear of being ridiculed
  • Fear of being ‘proven’ that is not talented or not at all creative


Well, no wonder there is so much fear in art! A lot of pressure and burden of expectations we put on ourselves!

I always knew that I am a perfectionist, but I work on it energetically.

In recent years, I found the intuitive painting.

A few years ago , in the middle of the my trough period,  several times I wanted to give up, you know, a little voice shooted:

it is not worth to “damage” the expensive canvas just to paint on it,  paints are expensive , you can not do it, so it does not worth the money and time.

From a  few years now if nothing else, but I am listening to my inner voice, symbols of interesting coincidences gets attention!

That’s why I am very grateful that I defeated my maximalism and perfectionism

In addition to the new materials and techniques I learned in the past years I also learned a lot about remission, the criticisms, the internal resistance and calm down my criticism.


Of course, I will not give up when I have to create a specific subject or any specific purpose to create an image, but it’s completely different when I create just for pleasure, not going to work for the result. This is something which is a catharsis, a kind of art therapy.

Nonthreatening intuitive painting.

How liberating!

Where the end result is not interesting, but the process leading to it which is really amazing, where time stops because you are in the  present  and you feel the flow. If you want just try with me the painting without fear!

The technique:

You do not need easel, palette, color circle or  premeditated ideas

Wonderfully liberating and passionate Everytime.

The internal creativity which is often dozes where it lies beneath so many layers of realistic thinking that only once the pressure starts to blossom, grow and bring back the long lost balance in our lives reminding ourselves that each of us there is the source of the Creator.

Most of you maybe since kindergarten haven’t hold a brush or roller in their hands they are the ones who paint a hardened for years and yet somehow lost playfullnes during years. Still, if you let children be released from sowing and you begin to paint intuitively without fear of going to watch the world’s other eye.

Come with me in this journey and release everyday worries!